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Chapter Starter Program

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Elizabeth Ministry International and its Chapters Worldwide support families during the childbearing years and beyond with special care and support to those facing crisis and loss.

Elizabeth Ministry Chapters are the vessel through which support is given at the local level.  Chapters are created in churches, hospitals, and community outreach groups.  They are designed to support women and their families during the joys, challenges, and sorrows of the childbearing years.​ 

Members of Chapters offer prayer and blessings, direct service, peer support, mentoring, educational materials, spiritual nourishment and inspirational resources to women in their faith community.


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Donna's Story - Finding Hope After Loss
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Chapter Training Program 

Elizabeth Ministry Headquarters provides personal support for  chapters via

  • Zoom

  • In-person

  • phone

  • site visits

Online training courses, seminars, webinars and connection are coming in 2022 at our


Online Chapter Center

and at EMI headquarters

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Miscarriage, Stillbirth & Infant Loss

Our response to miscarriage and stillbirth as Christians must be driven by our belief in the personhood of the unborn and the dignity and worth of all human life. Those who have lost a child through miscarriage or stillbirth need to be validated in their grief, affirmed in their faith, supported by their community, and assisted in their grieving process. Working in tandem with Life’s Connection, Elizabeth Ministry’s sister organization: families facing these crises are supported and affirmed.

1.  Written by Jeannie Hannemann, the Pastoral Guide: Miscarriage, Stillbirth or Newborn Loss guide provides pastoral ministers with the background, evidence, and tools they need to provide pastoral care for families who experience miscarriage or stillbirth.

In addition to providing the doctrinal and theological support for this ministry, practical tips for caregivers, and insight into the impact perinatal death and grief can have on family relationships, Pastoral Guide: Miscarriage, Stillbirth or Newborn Loss also includes:

  • a response and blessing ritual for parents requesting Baptism for a baby who has died

  • private memorial service rituals and ceremonies for families

  • information sheets and bulletin inserts to raise awareness within your parish and community

  • sample letters, cards, Scriptures, and reflections pastoral ministers can use

  • handouts to help bereaved parents talk with other children about the baby’s death

  • step-by-step instructions for developing a Grieving Through Grace support group for families

  • information on Miscarriage Delivery Aids and burial vessels that honor the dignity of these tiny lives, and so much more!

BONUS: Each book includes access to

over 200 downloadable and reproducible online resources.

2.  Written by Krys Crawley, “Hearts of Hope Miscarriage Program Guide” provides churches and organizations a guide to implementing the program to:

  • Support families in the church who suffer an impending or past loss

  • Implement Sacred Holding Sites for miscarried babies.

  • Providing burial and services for miscarried babies

  • Assist cemeteries in providing burial sites, memorial stones and areas to bury and honor miscarried and stillborn babies.

  • Practical training to support families facing loss

3.  One-on-One support through Life’s Connection: home to Elizabeth Ministry:

  • Impending miscarriage and stillbirth support

  • Arrangement for burial, funeral and service

  • Sacred Holding Site for miscarried babies

  • Post – loss mentoring and healing

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Rosebud Program  (English & Spanish)

Discover this unique way to show respect

for the dignity and worth of all life.

The Rosebud Program helps a church identify, pray for, and support those who are pregnant, celebrating birth or adoption, grieving miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, infant or child death, and waiting to become pregnant or adopt. Prayers for grandparent concerns, and troubled times may be added with The Expansion Kit

Each rosebud color has a special meaning and has a coordinating tag and prayer card. The tag has a place for families to write information about a particular situation for which prayer is being requested. Rosebuds are displayed as a reminder to pray daily for the families represented.

A vase full of multi-colored roses! What a beautiful way to represent the many varied needs of your church members and to encourage prayer - one for another.

read our program brochure

  • Pink Rosebud: Honoring Pregnancy and Unborn Babies.

  • Red Rosebud: Celebrating Births and Adoptions. 

  • White Rosebud: Grieving With Families Suffering A Miscarriage, Abortion, Stillbirth, Infant or Child Death. 

  • Yellow Rosebud: Remembering Those Wanting To Conceive or Adopt. 

  • Blue Rosebud: Troubled Times. 

  • Purple Rosebud: Grandparents Concerns. 

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Sacred Steps

Sacred Steps is a ministry for families of little ones from birth to four years of age. This program provides families with materials and resources which educate them regarding development of babies and toddlers, identifies their own growth as parents, provides great ideas regarding age-appropriate activities to do with little ones, and most importantly shares how parents can create homemade holiness!

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Women's Retreats   (coming soon)

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Mother-Daughter Retreats

Retreats are a chance to get away from

things that normally distract both of you

and allow you to laugh, listen, and talk with each other!

Our pajama party sleepover style activities utilize energizing dynamics, intentional conversations, informative talks, fun crafts, and other special mother and daughter times of connection!

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Escape from your everyday routines and participate in activities created to bond mothers and daughters while making memories to last a lifetime.

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Abiding Retreats

Abiding with the Holy Spirit

Spend time in silence, praise, and community while growing deeper in relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Led by the Zechariah House of Healing Team, this retreat includes group talks, praise & worship, prayer prompts, activities, and more!

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No trial has come to you but what is human. God is faithful and will not let you be tried beyond your strength; but with the trial he will also provide a way out, so that you may be able to bear it.

1 Corinthians 10:13

The recovery journey will require dependence on Christ as one lets go of old habitual, unhealthy behaviors and begins new behaviors that are pure, healthy and life-giving. Trust in God's plan is critical to recovery. 

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Reclaim Sexual Health

Unhealthy sexual behaviors are based on a specific way of thinking and behaving that has developed over time through repetition. These behaviors do

not define who a person is. Children of God have dignity and worth beyond measure, and our Heavenly Father has given a way out of these unhealthy sexual behaviors.​

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