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Elizabeth Ministry's Visitation Chapel

The Visitation Chapel is located in the Elizabeth Ministry International Retreat & Resource Center. Please feel welcome to send us your prayer requests for inclusion in our book of prayers.  send a request

Visitation Chapel -Vigil Lights - Mass

Six-day vigil candles and the sanctuary candle may be lit for your special intention or in memory or honor of a loved one. You may also request mass to be celebrated for your special intention.

Eucharistic Adoration

Wednesdays and Thursdays 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Consider being a prayer partner by committing 1 hour a week to prayer in The Visitation Chapel ~ 120 W. 8th Street, Kaukauna, WI

To sign up for a 1 hour prayer time or to offer to be a substitute,

please call Honey ~ 920-540-2794 or Joyce ~ 920-766-2901

Intercessory Prayer

If you are in our area, you may schedule time in our chapel for intercessory prayer and/or blessing rituals. Please email us: or call headquarters. 920-766-9380

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Trainings & Retreats

Combining scientific information and religious insight, Elizabeth Ministry speakers, consultants and retreat directors offer trainings, workshops and parish missions on love and life issues.

  • Women's Conferences

  • Mother Daughter Retreats

  • RECLAiM Presentations

  • Purity Talks

  • Chastity Education

  • Human Sexuality

  • and much more!


To schedule a training or retreat please call. . .

Elizabeth Ministry International Headquarters: 920-766-9380

Sexuality & Purity

Chastity Education & Human Sexuality

Elizabeth Ministry offers resources, workshops and seminars to help parents, teachers and others learn how to instill an understanding of human sexuality, chastity education and relationship issues. Our efforts are based on the Theology of the Body as taught by Pope John Paul II. God's joyous, creative intent in endowing humankind with the gift of sexuality is in sharp contrast to the portrayal of cheap, meaningless sex that bombards our culture.


Chaste Living

From the days of Eden, from the very start, we were designed to be in relationship with our spouse. God crafted our hearts and our bodies to desire one another, both emotionally and physically. Through chaste living, we are able to fully experience the joy that results from God's plan for our relationship with our spouse or future spouse. Elizabeth Ministry provides information and resources to encourage chaste living for all life stages childhood, puberty, dating, engagement, and marriage.


Understanding the dignity of human sexuality and the power of procreation will enhance relationships, build up the family and create healthy communities!


Recommended Further Reading: Freedom Through Chaste Living

To inquire about workshops & presentations please call. . .

Elizabeth Ministry International Headquarters ~ 920-766-9380

Flower in Hand
Healing From Sexual Sins

Elizabeth Ministry's outreach program RECLAiM, provides resources and support concerning addictions to pornography and sexual sins and is now available at


Elizabeth Ministry offers hope and healing in the areas of lust, porn and sex addiction, spouses and children of porn and sex addict, misuse of procreative powers, fornication, adultery, prostitution, incest, sexual abuse and harassment.


The Focus of Our Efforts-

  • Educate men, women, teens and children in an age appropriate manner what it means to live every day in sexual purity.

  • Provide support services and programs like RECLAiM to help individuals connect with the appropriate counselors, support groups, or churches in their area that will come alongside them in their pursuit of sexual purity.

  • Produce and recommend resources dedicated to aiding individuals in living a life of sexual purity.

  • Assist clergy and church members in comprehending the problem and equip them with tools to respond.

  • Offer compassionate support, programs and resources specifically designed for wives and mothers of pornography and sex addicts.

RECLAiM Training seminar and professional speaker information

Post-Abortion Healing

No term can adequately express the heartbreak that abortion causes, but for the purposes of identification we will call it Post-Abortion Trauma.


Common feelings associated with Post-Abortion Trauma include guilt, grief, anger and regret. These feelings frequently manifest themselves through anti-social, self-destructive, and other abnormal behaviors. Many people who suffer from Post-Abortion Trauma experience flashbacks, nightmares, and varying degrees of depression.


Because the women and men that have chosen abortion often carry the burden of this decision deep within their hearts as their very personal and painful secret, they often suffer many consequences, for many years. If you have chosen abortion, or if you love someone that has chosen abortion, you may find the resources available through Elizabeth Ministry or its Certified Affiliates helpful in gaining an understanding of the associated sorrow, guilt and shame. We pray our resources will provide support for the road to recovery and healing.

Healing Retreats & Personal Mentoring

Elizabeth Ministry offers a healing retreat for post abortion care. This is facilitated by professional therapists. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in a healing retreat or if you would like to speak with an Elizabeth Minister on post-abortion healing.


Individual & Small Group Resources

Our Post-Abortion Healing Bible study is designed for those who have suffered this type of loss and for those who love them. The Bible study workbook, "My Secret Loss", is written both for use in a small group and for use by individuals in the privacy of their homes, as no study leader is necessary to follow through the materials.



Guiding Perspectives: Prayer, Sacred Scripture, Church Teachings and Natural Law provide more insight, inspiration and guidance on this subject.

Healing from Abuse, Rape & Other Sexual Acts

Healing is Possible!

My saving power will rise on you like the sun and bring healing like the sun's rays ~ Malachi 4:2

Elizabeth Ministry International also provides healing resources for those suffering from the actions of others, as a result of pornography, abuse, incest, rape, date rape, and other sexual acts. It is critically important to know that victims of the sinful acts of others are innocent. Victims have not violated God's law of chastity. God loves you dearly and He wants you to heal.


TO RECEIVE HELP Contact Elizabeth Ministry International 920-766-9380

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