Who We Are and What We Do


Elizabeth Ministry is an international movement designed to offer hope, help, and healing on the intimate issues of life, loss, and love.  We encourage, educate, and equip people through mentoring, programs, and resources related to relationships, sexuality, and childbearing.

Elizabeth Ministry's goal is to defend dignity, protect purity, respect all life, cherish children, encourage families, enrich marriages, and build community.

We vision a world that is transformed to uphold the sacredness of the intimate issues of life, loss, and love.  We are each called to transform our culture by leading lives of deeper connection and meaning.  Elizabeth Ministry offers the opportunity to live a vocation of love in the day to day realities of our lives.  By following the biblical example of Mary and Elizabeth, we visit and share the sacredness of all life.  By following the biblical example of Joseph and Zechariah, we go counter-cultural to defend dignity.


We serve as a resource center for individuals, couples, families, parishes, hospitals, and other organizations to celebrate the gift of each child conceived and born, and fully mourn each miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, and infant or child death.  We assist people in cherishing children, and witnessing to the dignity of all life, by treasuring the gifts of fertility and pregnancy, supporting those with infertility problems, encouraging people in the adoptive process, and assisting families facing prenatal, infant or children crisis, illness, or special needs.  We defend dignity and relationships by honoring sexuality, promoting chaste living, uplifting the sanctity of marriage, and giving help to those struggling with, or affected by, unhealthy sexual behaviors.  We proclaim and reclaim God’s plan for relationships, sexuality, and childbearing in our homes, churches, community, and world.

Beliefs & Perspectives

Elizabeth Ministry International is Roman Catholic in origin and outlook and ecumenical in outreach. We believe if everyone lived out the perspectives of the Elizabeth Ministry Prayer we could change the world.  Join our mission!  We rely on people like you, who upon seeing the state of the world, aren’t content to just sit by and watch it morally degrade.  Contact us to find out ways you could get involved!