International Headquarters

Located in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, the Elizabeth Ministry International Headquarters is the training and support facility for this growing apostolate that began in 1991. It serves as the main office for all Elizabeth Ministry programs and initiatives, including RECLAIM Sexual Health and Elizabeth Ministry Chapters.  Chapters are designed to offer mentoring, family support, and prayer at a parish or organization level.  Over 700 parishes and organizations have registered as an Elizabeth Ministry Chapter throughout the world.

Individuals, parishes, or organizations can become a “Participating Partner” if they offer or participate in any of Elizabeth Ministry International programs, services, or resources. 

Retreat & Resource Center
The Elizabeth Ministry International Headquarters also serves as a Retreat & Resource Center providing a sacred space with overnight accommodations, chapel, and meeting rooms for events appropriate to the mission of Elizabeth Ministry.  Gifts and resource items are available for individuals, couples, siblings, grandparents, other family members, churches, hospitals, funeral homes, and other organizations. Items are available in the Gift Shop or Online Store.

Programs, Consultations, & Events
Elizabeth Ministry International offers a variety of services.  Enrichment opportunities are available online and in person through mentoring, consults, programs, conferences, retreats, and other activities. These offerings focus on issues related to relationships, sexuality, and childbearing.  Our speakers offer keynotes, workshops, and trainings.  Events can be scheduled at the Elizabeth Ministry Retreat & Resource Center or at your location. For additional information, call 920-766-9380 or send an email.

Elizabeth Ministry International

FERTILITY & INFERTILITY                  
• Fertility Awareness
• Natural Family Planning
• Infertility 

   - Primary Infertility

   - Secondary Infertility
• Fertility Transformations
   - Onset of Menses
   - Hysterectomy
   - Menopause

• Married Pregnancy
• Unwed Pregnancy
• First Time Pregnancy

• Subsequent Pregnancy
• Pregnancy Later in Life
• Pregnancy After Loss
• Complications
   -High Risk
   - Fetal Abnormality
   - Bedrest


• Fetal Abnormality
• Premature Birth
• Special Needs
• Illness

• Surgery
• Impending Death


• Miscarriage

• Stillbirth

• Multiple Birth Loss

• Regretted Abortion

• Infant Death

• Child Death

• Sudden Infant Death

• Violent Death


• Labor Support

• Celebrate Birth   

     - First or Subsequent   

     - Large Family

• Special Birth Outcomes   

     - Multiple Births   

     - Postpartum Problems

• Breastfeeding


Considering Adoption

• Waiting to Adopt

• Adoption Loss

• Celebration of Adoption

• Birth Parents

• Foster Families

• Remarriage Integration

Elizabeth Ministry Prayer

Creator God, I pledge to celebrate the gift of each child conceived and born, and fully mourn each miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, and infant or child death. I will cherish children, and be a witness to my belief in the dignity of all life, by treasuring the gifts of fertility and pregnancy, supporting those with infertility problems, encouraging people in the adoptive process, and assisting families facing prenatal, infant or child crisis, illness, or special needs.  I promise to respect sacred relationships by honoring sexuality, promoting chaste living, uplifting the sanctity of marriage and family, and giving help to those struggling with, or affected by, unhealthy sexual behaviors.  I will be a strong and consistent voice proclaiming and reclaiming God’s plan for relationships, sexuality, and childbearing in my home, my church, my community, and my world.