God's Plan for Relationships

Elizabeth Ministry International is dedicated to assisting individuals, couples, families, and groups in the spiritual journey of creating connections with God, self, others, and creation.  We believe all of life is relational.  Even God, who is the author of life, is in relationship as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Since we are made in the image of this Holy Trinity, we are made to be in relationships. The journey of each and every human person is one of creating connections.

Connecting with God who is our origin and destiny.

  • Connecting with self in order to discover the unique image of God that each of
    us are and our particular mission in life.


  • Connecting with others who are sojourners in the mysteries of life.


  • Connecting with creation, since ware are truly all interconnected. 


The power that enables us to connect with God, self, others, and creation

is the Holy Spirit who unites all in a permanent bond of love. 



There is a paradigm shift happening at the grass roots of our society.  People are refocusing time, energy, priorities, and finances on relationships. There is a deep spiritual hunger that stirs in the hearts of today's families.  Discontented with gadgets, entertainment, or career focus, and frazzled from a hectic lifestyle, many are searching for meaningful connections with people.  Family friendly, home-centered values are being pursued.  

The mobility of our society and decrease in family size has isolated many people from traditional supportive connections.  This challenges the parish to play a more vital role in being a caring community and provide clarity in a confused culture.  Just as the need for a more personal pastoral connection with families increased, there was a decrease in the number of Roman Catholic priests presently engaged in active ministry.  This is a call from the Holy Spirit to empower the laity to play a more vital role in pastoral care ministry.  Elizabeth Ministry is one way to fulfill that calling!  

We live out connections with God, self, others, and creation in

these particular aspects

of our lives.

Spiritual Life

Single Life

Married Life


Our outreach is supported by generous donors and volunteers. 

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, tax-deductible

donations and purchases are appreciated.



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