God's Plan for Childbearing

The culture seems to say that fertility is a disease that has to be conquered, but ask someone who struggles with infertility and you discover that fertility is a wonderful gift from God.  To co-create a human being is not a curse, but is a blessing from God.  The purpose of marriage is not just for companionship, but created for the begetting and parenting children!  Couples who follow God's plan for sexuality and childbearing, have a happier and more enduring marriage.


The power of creation becomes tangible during childbirth.  It is a very spiritual moment for most mothers and fathers.  Elizabeth Ministry encourages a faith community to have an Elizabeth Minister mentor the mother during pregnancy and provide support for childbirth and beyond.  Some Elizabeth Ministers bring Holy Communion to women during labor.  

In the Baptism Rite, it says: "The Christian Community welcomes you with great joy!"  Yet, many new parents say they did not experience a faith community that was welcoming.  Elizabeth Ministry is one way for a parish to truly live out these words from the Baptism Rite as they witness to the blessing of new life!



• Fertility Awareness
• Natural Family Planning
• Infertility Issues
• Fertility Transformations   - Onset of Menses   
- Hysterectomy   
- Menopause

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